GIGABYTE has announced two new 4K Gaming monitors that offer a maximum refresh rate of up to 120 Hz while utilizing HDMI 2.1. These two new monitors are called the 32-inch AORUS FI32U and the 48-inch AORUS FO48U, which are stated to arrive shortly, but the price for either monitor is still unknown.

The AORUS FI32U and the AORUS FO48U gaming monitor are perfect for PC gamers or console gamers

Both of these gaming monitors, the 32-inch AORUS FI32U and the 48-inch AORUS FO48U, can utilize the 4K resolution with the maximum refresh rate with the newest consoles thanks to the inclusion of HDMI 2.1. This makes both 4K gaming monitors perfect for a PS5 or Xbox Series X/S gaming setup. The design of each gaming monitor features a sleek minimalistic black design with the AORUS logo located on the back panel.

Source: AORUS

The 32-inch AORUS FI32U gaming monitor features a refresh rate of 144 Hz for PCs and 120 Hz for the latest consoles, and this allows for a wide range of gaming setups to utilize this monitor as it has two HDMI 2.1 ports and a single DisplayPort. This monitor has a screen size of 32-inches, making it ideal for sitting on a desk and connecting either a PC or a console to play with or against your friends.

The included stand offers a wide range of adjustments, including height, pivot, swivel, and tilt adjustments ensuring that this gaming monitor can be in the most comfortable position for your gaming setup.

Source: AORUS

The second monitor announced is the AORUS FO48U, which features a larger screen size of 48-inches. Making it the world's first 48-inch gaming monitor to utilize a premium OLED panel, allowing for fantastic visuals and high rates of up to 120 Hz with the latest gaming consoles.

GIGABYTE has yet to announce any pricing information for these monitors but has stated they should be available shortly. Since more gamers are getting their hands on more of the latest consoles, this may be a perfect time to get one of these high-end monitors for your gaming setup.

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